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Our course is designed for DPA's, Crew Managers, Operations Managers, and senior management onboard and shoreside.

2-Day Seafarer Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing Training - Bahamas Maritime Authority recognised, MNTB Recognised and UK Chamber of Shipping endorsed

Delivered at a training centre or online

As laid down by the MNTB (Maritime Naval Training Board) and MCG (Maritime Charities Group) Standard for Seafarers’ Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing Training, the course aims to develop a keen awareness and appreciation of mental health and wellbeing, in self and others set against the unique context of the seafaring industry.

This course is recognised by the BMA & the MNTB, and endorsed by the UK Chamber of Shipping.

Click here to see the BMA press release.

Click here to see the UK Chamber of Shipping / MNTB press release.

See below for course content and learning objectives.

Learning Objectives & Course Content

Seafarer Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing 2-Day Course - MNTB Recognised

Morning Session

Day 1

Describe different types and causes of poor mental health

1.1 Introduction to different types of mental health disorders

1.2 Possible causes of poor mental health amongst seafarers and shore-based personnel

Afternoon Session

Day 1

Recognise changes in behaviour in self and other seafarers & shore-based personnel

2.1 Signs, symptoms, changes in behaviour

2.2 Exploring and understanding the psychological, physical and behaviour signs and symptoms of poor mental health

2.3 Examining general signs of distress which could be linked to one or more potential mental health illnesses and specific symptoms relating to psychosis - hallucinations, delusions and thought disorder

Morning Session

Day 2

Avoid judging and stigmatising other seafarers and shore-based personnel


When concerned, state actions to take to refer or signpost other seafarers and shore-based personnel

3.1 Non-judgmental communication & reducing stigma

3.2 Understanding signposting and referring

3.3 Responding in a crisis (suicide, panic attack etc)

Afternoon Session

Day 2

Recognise measures that promote wellbeing amongst seafarers and shore personnel

4.1 The '5 Ways to Wellbeing'

4.2 Sleep Hygiene

4.3 Diet

4.4 Mindfulness

Afternoon Session

Day 2

Course closing address

5.1 Course Overview

A very good course... the delivery and presentation were excellent.

The course sensitised me to the subject of mental health and encourage me to have a more detailed look at behaviour and symptoms.

Joern Clodius - Training Director - Marlow Navigation

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