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Consultancy Services

Corporate Wellbeing Programme

Our main consultancy service is The Wellbeing Programme, which is a fully integrated, four-stage programme that works to embed Positive Psychology into your organisation, by enhancing the happiness and mental wellbeing of your people - whether they're at sea or shore-based. The aims include improved morale, productivity, performance and safety, with reduced sickness absence and presenteeism.

The Wellbeing Programme

Stage 1: A series of assessment consultations (usually with executive or leadership teams) enables us to gain an understanding of your organisation’s wellbeing landscape. These can be 1:1 or small focus group meetings, and can be facilitated onboard via satellite communication.

Stage 2: Widening the assessment to others within the workforce (selected by you), we gain a deeper perspective of the most critical (yet often unspoken) experiences and requirements of your people, crew, teams and wider structure.

Stage 3: Together with your organisational influencers and stakeholders, we continue small group or 1:1 sessions, moving from assessment to implementation, embedding a bespoke positive wellbeing strategy throughout the organisation.

Stage 4: Workshops and webinars bring to life the tools and techniques that Positive and Occupational Psychologists use to embed the right kinds of culture change to make a long lasting, impactful difference.

The timing of this programme depends upon the size of the organisation and how many people you choose to involve in the assessment stage.

There’s also the option of accessing specific stages of the programme on an ad hoc basis. Take a look at the ‘Specialist Consultation’ section on this page for details.

Dr Vikki Barnes
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

A bit about me...

Vikki large.PNG

With humility at my core, a good friend (who’s much better at marketing than I am!) wrote this wonderful expression of me and my work so far…

“Vikki is a humanitarian, nature lover and adventurer, deeply passionate about people and the planet. Uniquely, she’s also a Doctor of clinical psychology, happiness & wellbeing consultant, positive psychologist, international speaker, author and believer in change for good.

Vikki qualified in 2011 with a Doctorate in Clinical and Community Psychology, following a Masters in Neuropsychology and a BSc in Psychology and Social Studies. With over 10 years of NHS service, she has provided mental health interventions and education to patients and staff in a variety of services. Bridging the gap between operational and corporate worlds, she designed and led a national wellbeing programme with Virgin, working alongside leaders and executives, embedding effective practices into company strategy and ethos, with sustained, outstanding results. 

In 2018, Vikki was asked to work in the British Virgin Islands with Sir Richard Branson, to set up a mental health service for survivors following hurricane Irma. She worked with the community as well as health professionals, developing much needed provision and continues to support this remotely.

Championing the Wellbeing Economy, Vikki promotes positive leadership and a movement towards a better world, by blending the wellbeing of people with wellbeing of the planet. She believes in the good of humanity and making the world a better place. She recently wrote a book about how to be authentically happy, through human qualities such as gratitude, kindness, connection, vulnerability and authenticity, which is in publication. 

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