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1 Day Seafarer Mental Health Course

Recognized by the Bahamas Maritime Authority

Mental Health Office course - Bahamas Maritime Authority recognized

Delivered at a training centre or online

The Mental Health Officer course provides Senior Officers with the knowledge they require to react when a mental health crisis occurs on board.

To attend the Mental Health Officers course, delegates must first complete the 1-day or 2-day Seafarer Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing course.

Course Content

Module 1

Engage with an individual/seafarer in distress using appropriate skills and techniques

Module 2

Perform a suitable risk assessment of the situation and make recommendations for further action as appropriate

Module 3

Take appropriate action to safeguard and support an individual in crises

A very good course... the delivery and presentation were excellent.

The course sensitised me to the subject of mental health and encourage me to have a more detailed look at behaviour and symptoms.

Joern Clodius - Training Director - Marlow Navigation

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